Antique French Door with Iron (Set) – Lot 365

-Majestic Dimensions: With a height of 129 inches and width of 53 inches, the door exudes grandeur.
-Authentic Traditionalism: The weather-worn wooden frame adds a rustic touch, enhancing authenticity.
-Ornate Ironwork: Detailed iron decor enriches the door’s simplicity with old-world opulence.
-Aesthetic Balance: The marriage of rugged wood and intricate iron decor creates a striking visual contrast.
-Continuing Legacy: Despite its antiquated heritage, the door blends seamlessly into modern applications.


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Full Description

Emanating ageless grandeur, this exceptional antique French door acts as a centrepiece for any architectural environment. Boasting large measurements of 129 inches in height and a width of 53 inches, its regal stature offers a visually stunning element. The sturdy frame, expertly constructed from distressed wood, imparts a rustic allure. The aged wood grain enhances the door’s charm whilst lending a sense of genuine antique authenticity to the piece.

The door’s rustic appeal is handsomely highlighted by delicate iron decor – an elegant addition to the distressed wooden foundation. The ornate iron decorations, with their classic beauty and attention to detail, beautifully offset the rugged wood grain to create an aesthetically engaging contrast.

Mirroring the door’s deep historical essence, it elegantly fuses the allure of antiquity with modern practicality. This antique French door gracefully stands in contemporary architectural settings, exemplifying a harmonious blend of vintage charm and modern utility.


Height (in.) 129
Width (in.) 53
Style Doors > French Doors
Composition Doors With Iron
Finish Distressed
Origin France


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