Antique French Door with Iron (Set) – Lot 384

-The Antique French Door, crafted from distressed wood, stands at 93.5 inches in height and 59.5 inches in width, serving as a majestic centerpiece.
-The weathered wood surface enhances the door’s authenticity, creating a rustic appeal reminiscent of vintage French architecture.
-Iron decor adorns the door, reflecting the essence of French craftsmanship and seamlessly marrying rustic charm with understated elegance.
-This door features a solid wood construction making it a bold and classic architectural element.
-The Antique French Door is now available for purchase, promising to add a unique blend of timeless sophistication and understated elegance to any home.


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Full Description

Bring an element of enduring charm to your home with our Antique French Door. Skillfully crafted from distressed wood, the door stands tall and wide at an imposing 93.5 inches and 59.5 inches respectively. Serve as a majestic centerpiece, the door’s weathered surface imbues a rustic appeal, transforming spaces with its undeniable authenticity and tales of eras past, exquisitely reminiscent of vintage French architecture.

Carefully appointed with a touch of iron decor, the door pays homage to understated elegance. The unpretentious detailing complements the distressed wood, reflecting the meticulous and refined essence of French craftsmanship. The seamless blend of these design elements culminates in a subtly captivating aesthetic that balances rustic charm and timeless sophistication.

Featuring a solid wood construction, the door exudes a strong presence, making it a perfect statement piece for those seeking bold yet classic architectural elements. Available now for purchase, this Antique French Door promises to add a timeless sophistication and understated elegance to your home.


Height (in.) 93.5
Width (in.) 59.5
Style Doors > French Doors
Composition Doors With Iron
Finish Distressed
Origin France


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