Antique French Door with Iron (Set) – Lot 388

-The Antique Solid Distressed Wooden French Door stands at 85.5 inches in height and 47 inches in width, commanding a profound presence.
-It features distressed wood, delivering a rustic appeal and authenticity to your space, reminiscent of historical French craftsmanship.
-Striking ironwork adorns the door, creating a captivating visual contrast with the textured wood and augmenting the door’s aesthetic appeal.
-The seamless blend of rugged, distressed wood and intricate iron communicates a compelling tale of craftsmanship and design.
-Despite featuring no glass panels, the door’s solid construction exudes old-world charm and robust strength, making it a transformative element in any setting.


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Full Description

Presenting the opportunity to step back in time with the Antique Solid Distressed Wooden French Door. This door exhibits a profound presence standing at 85.5 inches in height and 47 inches in width. Its construction from weathered, distressed wood invigorates your space with an atmospheric, rustic appeal. The roughened wooden texture reflects authenticity, echoing the charm and enduring finesse of French craftsmanship from eras gone by.

To augment the rustic allure of the wood, the door features striking ironwork. This iron detail portrays a glimpse of the past, intertwining beautifully with the distressed wood, and strengthening the door’s aesthetic appeal. The juxtaposition of the rugged wood and the intricate iron creates a captivating visual contrast, thus communicating an engaging tale of craftsmanship and design.

Despite featuring no glass panels, the door’s solid construction manifests an old-world charm, coupled with its robust and sturdy build. This Antique French Door, combining form, function, and narrative, transforms ordinary entrances into alluring gateways that reverberate with a rich, historical resonance.


Height (in.) 85.5
Width (in.) 47
Style Doors > French Doors
Composition Doors With Iron
Finish Distressed
Origin France


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