Antique French Door with Iron (Set) – Lot 390

-The Antique French Door, from France, measures an impressive 86 inches by 47 inches.
-Distressed wood design gives the door authentic, rustic charm.
-Intricate ironwork adds dramatic texture, emphasizing old-world aesthetics.
-The door’s robust construction, free of glass panels, underlines its vintage appeal.
-The door combines function and artistic allure, serving as a unique, historical piece.


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Full Description

Enrich your interior landscape with the Antique Solid Distressed Wooden French Door – an embodiment of timeless charm directly sourced from the heart of France. Sized at 86 inches in height and 47 inches in width, this door commands attention. Painstakingly crafted from weathered, distressed wood, the door exudes an authentic rustic allure that transforms any space into an inviting haven filled with historical ambience.

Accentuating the door’s archaic charm is the stunning ironwork. Intricately woven into the door’s design, the iron detailing provides a dramatic contrast to the distressed wood, creating a pleasing interplay of textures. The result is a door that narrates visual narratives of French history and aesthetics, a testament to old-world design sensibilities.

Void of glass panels, the door’s robust construction supports its stately presence and evokes a strikingly vintage appeal. Timeless and versatile, this Antique French Door seamlessly merges utilitarian purpose with artistic allure, becoming an architectural anchor that inspires endless admiration.


Height (in.) 86
Width (in.) 47
Style Doors > French Doors
Composition Doors With Iron
Finish Distressed
Origin France


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