Antique French Doors with Glass (Set of 3) – Lot 181

– Three Antique French paneled glass doors
– Height: 101.5 inches | Width: 72 inches
– Meticulously carved wooden panels with intricate detailing
– Large, clear glass panes encased in beveled frames


SKU: 2023-01-181

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Full Description

The antique French paneled glass door with three doors is a magnificent architectural masterpiece measuring an impressive height of 101.5 inches and a width of 72 inches. This exceptional door showcases the finest craftsmanship and embodies the enduring allure of French design.

The door is adorned with meticulously carved wooden panels that exhibit intricate detailing and artistic flourishes, exemplifying the mastery of traditional woodworking techniques. Arranged in a symmetrical fashion, these panels create a visually pleasing composition, enhancing the door’s overall aesthetic appeal.

The upper sections of each panel feature large, clear glass panes, measuring proportionately to the grand dimensions of the door. These panes are encased within exquisitely beveled frames, which contribute to the door’s elegance and refinement.

With three hinged doors, this antique French paneled glass door swings open outward, revealing a spacious entryway or room beyond.

A commanding presence in any setting, this door epitomizes the rich heritage and opulence of French architecture. Whether gracing a stately estate, a historic building, or a contemporary home, it transforms spaces into realms of unparalleled beauty and character, captivating all who encounter its magnificence.


Height (in.) 101.5
Width (in.) 72
Style Doors > French Doors
Composition Doors With Glass
Finish Distressed
Origin France


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