Antique French Glass Door – Lot 680

-The Antique French Door, rising to a height of 84 inches and extending 24.3 inches wide, embodies a harmonious blend of architectural sophistication and rustic charm.
-Meticulously crafted from solid distressed wood, the door encapsulates the tranquil aura of the French countryside.
-Unique distressed features etched onto the door’s surface narrate a captivating tale of its storied past.
-The features add a rich depth to the aesthetic allure of the door, creating a design steeped in nostalgia and engagement.
-Beyond being just an entryway, the Antique French Door stands as an ode to history, infusing interiors with a profound sense of antiquity and tribute to the timeless allure of vintage French design.


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Full Description

Experience a touch of vintage elegance with our Antique French Door. Towering to a height of 84 inches and extending a width of 24.3 inches, this door perfectly captures the unique blend of architectural grace and rustic allure. Each detail, skilfully carved from solid distressed wood, embodies the tranquil charm of the French countryside, infusing your interiors with a warm, rustic elegance.

The façade of the door is rich with tales from a bygone era. The unique distressed features paint a captivating story of its storied past, evoking a nostalgic sentiment. Each mark and indentation add depth to the aesthetic appeal of the door, bringing life to its intriguing and timeless design.

More than just a passage, this Antique French Door serves as a portal to history. It endows your interiors with a palpable sense of time and place, standing as a testament to the charm and fine craftsmanship of classical French design.


Height (in.) 84
Width (in.) 24.3
Style Doors > French Doors
Composition Doors With Glass
Finish Distressed
Origin France


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