Antique Glass French Doors (Set) – Lot A63

– Grand Dimensions: Each door measures 83 inches in height and 49 inches in width, perfect for making a statement.
– Expansive Glass Panels: Maximizes natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.
– Modern Design: Sleek, clean lines offer a contemporary touch to any space.
– Versatile Use: Ideal for patios, terraces, or as a luxurious main entrance.
– Durable and User-Friendly: Built to last, ensuring both longevity and ease of use.


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Full Description

Elevate your home with our Glass French Door Set, a blend of functionality and elegance. Each door in this set measures 83 inches in height and 49 inches in width, crafted to create a grand entrance or a seamless transition between spaces. The expansive glass panels invite ample natural light, brightening any room and offering a view that extends your living space to the outdoors. The sleek, clean lines of the design bring a modern touch, while the sheer size of the doors adds an air of luxury and spaciousness. This set is perfect for patios, terraces, or as a majestic entrance to your main living area. Constructed for durability and ease of use, these doors promise to be a lasting addition to your home. Their versatility and timeless design make them an ideal choice for those looking to infuse their space with light, elegance, and an open, airy feel.


Height (in.) 83
Width (in.) 49
Style Doors > French Doors
Composition Doors With Glass
Finish Distressed
Origin France


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